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Imagine if it was possible to assist the local surf life saving club with obtaining a north facing entertaining area that cleaned up and got rid of all the cluster that is currently housed there.

Imagine the improvement to the vista as you drive down the main street of the village looking towards the beach.

Imagine a public viewing platform that looked up main street to the sunset, the lively dining precinct, across to the popular skate park and picnic area, and over the bush land dunes to the ocean.

Imagine somewhere to sit & socialize in the winter sun sheltered from the South Easterly Wind.



Peregian Beach is unique and the community values more than just a ocean views. 



PBSLC President, PBCA Secretary, Traders Association Administrator and local's in the park have shown a favourable response to this concept.
The Peregian Beach Surf Club isn't in a position to be able to fund something like this though.
The council has announced recently they have funds for and are developing concepts for a Viewing Platform next to the Radio Shack. 
It would require local community feedback & support to indicate this central locations with many more views would perhaps be a more useful location for the proposed Beach Viewing Platform.
There is an all access beach viewing platform just south of the village off Lorikeet Drive.  Victory Park offers toilet & shower facilities as well as a great deal more parking opportunities than in the Peregian Village Area. has a little online local survey happening at the moment. The responses will be published next week.


Click here to connect to the survey.

Would a Viewing Platform on the beach provide the same amount of Place Meaning & Place Economy as one connecting views of the activities in the foreshore park, the coastal dunes and the village?





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    David Henderson (Wednesday, 16 May 2012 19:06)

    If such an area was to be added to the surf club and used for drinks and dining, then its platform (floor) should be at the same level as the existing balcony level. Carrying drinks / food / plates etc up and down a narrow set of stairs (steps) would be a nightmare.

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    Kel (Wednesday, 16 May 2012 19:23)

    The idea of the park development including such an area added to the surf club has merit.
    I agree with David re continuity with the Surf Club's social area(no steps)
    If there were to be a public viewing area incorporated in an area added to the surf club would it be impeded by surf club entry restrictions?

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    inperegianbeach (Wednesday, 16 May 2012 21:41)

    Great Feedback - bring it on - we may create a serious brief for a good public design project here.
    Perhaps consider the viewing platform as a transition level.
    A raised platform with ramp access for all the public to use that also provides alternate access to the Surf Club Verandah.
    If you have been in the Surf Club you will be familiar with the steep stair to get up to the first floor Dining Area and the big step down to the balcony level.

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    Marian (Thursday, 17 May 2012 03:49)

    A ramp would need to be wrapped around the building to gain the requisite safe gradient! The platform proposal is half way to nowhere and, I agree, crazy to expect staff to serve meals/drinks up/down stairs. I think a platform near the shower on the way to the patrol cabin on the dunes would be ideal - level access, great views to sea and back to the park. There could be a mobile canteen like they have on the walkway bridge across the river in Brisbane - coffee and cakes! Some built in picnic tables/benches. Great for non-mobile elderly to be able to enjoy the beach. Also mums with prams. Or just to check out the surf! The currentl proposal looks pretty ugly to me. Also, there is going to be a lovely public meeting place at the new corner shop/cafe/bar - don't need another one so close. Signing in to the club would be a major hassle. If the club want more business they should put in a lift for the elderly, and add a deck to the north for sun and views.

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    Joe (Thursday, 17 May 2012 06:44)

    That end of the Surf Club has been ugly for years.
    It would be nice to have somewhere out of the wind in the sun to sit with the family and support the local club. All for it.

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    Jamie (Friday, 18 May 2012 17:57)

    With all this climate change business, a raised viewing platform inland of the coastline is probably a better public space investment for the future.

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    Jay (Friday, 18 May 2012 19:17)

    Removal of the ugly, cluttered, north end area of the Surf Club and substituting it with an elevated park viewing platform / extended club social area would be a major asset for the park and the Peregian village. A great opportunity to take advantage of the north facing position for winter sun and summer shelter.

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    Grace (Monday, 21 May 2012 17:19)

    Wouldn't it be brilliant if the new space could accommodate for sea viewing, people sitting, access to the ground and to actually make the surf club inviting. That is a challenge.
    I'm not sure the current proposal does more than adding an extra deck and 'cleaning' up the backside of the club.
    I guess funding is required before a solution can be achieved.