Peregian Park

Council is seeking input from the local community to help them develop plans for a proposed upgrade to the Peregian Beach Park in front of the village.

A great deal of change has occurred in Peregian Beach since the Noosa Council last consulted with the community in 2006 and put in all the new concrete paths and the playground.


Council is saying the area's forecast population growth of up to 60% by 2020 in both Peregian Springs and Peregian Beach will also be taken into consideration in this upgrade.


It is up to our community to voice our visions & our values to ensure the strategic approach to planning this important place in the heart of our town, reflects the way we want to live and not how they think we should live.


Here is a little local community survey to get things started.

Please send it to your friend and locals who use the park.

The results will be posted so we all get to see them.

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    Elle Johnston (Monday, 12 November 2012 23:01)

    the best thing about Peregian Park, happens on the 1st & 3rd Sundays (weather permitting)& that is Peregian Originals.
    Council have decreed that this event is to be reduced to one event a month. What A Joke! I love the Originals, I take my sister, my 14mth old daughter & some of my friends, & we buy lunch or dinner from a different place each time to support all the businesses. As a local I love the benefit that this event brings to the community, and most importantly, the benefit to the P.B.S.L.S.C whom without, Peregian would not be as popular with tourists as a safe beach to visit! I am aware of the financial strain the club is under, and I am also aware that the club can get anything up to $10k in takings on Originals days.


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