Integrity of process

The 'Essence of Peregian' proposed development on the old caravan park site has been made to advertise it's latest proposed changes. Our local community has been given the opportunity to comment on these by Thursday the 17th May 2012.

Click here for more info about the history of the approval process.

The changes proposed are an additional 56 outdoor dining spaces and new small balconies to the reconfigured motel type accommodation.

 It is understood if 20 or more comments are sent to the Council before 17th May 2012, then it will be up to the Council to have to make the decision on granting the variations that the developer requires.

The Council's original objection to the additional 56 outdoor dining places and the balconies was on the grounds of noise nuisance to the neighbourhood. These are the only grounds for the objections.


Sadly not one of the proposed new balconies on the motel rooms face north and benefit from the mid afternoon winter sun and the summer sea breeze.

We have enough examples of places that are frequently too windy and cold because they are orientated to the south east.

(The Pub and Zachary's)

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