Turtle Midwifes

101 good reasons to care for the dunes

This Anzac day, the beach was a place of birth and a happy gathering, in extreme contrast with the significant wartime event the day is remembered for.

If you come across an injuries turtle or a run of turtle hatchlings, be sure to call the 'crew in blue'.

Turtle/Marine Animal Stranding Hotline 130013037

Coolum District Coastal Care  have a trained team of locals who protect & record the nesting patterns of our local turtle population.

Early Autumn was still very busy for this friendly team of volunteers and yet they found the time to keep the locals connected and informed about what was going to happen and how to respect the natural process.


Thanks to Susan, Michelle, Sherida, Leigh and Raeleen


Click here for more details about local fauna



Peregian Beach residents reap the rewards of not having buildings and light pollution on the foreshore sand dunes.


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