More signs of confusion

Hmm....the latest sign to go up at Pitta Street in Peregian Beach.

I rang the Sunshine Coast Council and got a few various of the definition...'an area with red & yellow flags'....'to inform boat owners where not to go'.... All a little bit confusing.

Best we wait until we get another sign explaining this sign I think!


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    Alison (Tuesday, 01 May 2012 01:27)

    Wondered if you have seen the new beach sign at entrance 60. I am perplexed as to whom it is directed. Tourists with minimal English will be none the wiser. I speak good English and it really means no sense to me.
    It states:
    Bathing Reserve
    Extends 850m Seaward
    Then arrow towards the beach flags

    My interpretation of this is that this is a swimming area from this entrance to the flags. That is what word "extends" means.
    I am a local and know the dangers and know this is incorrect but I am sure this is the wrong message for holiday makers.People with minimal English will have no idea what the words Bathing reserve, seaward or extends mean even if the word extends was correct.
    A better sign could read:

    No swimming here.
    Go 850m to the flags to be safe.
    Then the arrow