What makes a good Mayor

The residents of Peregian Beach have one decision to make at the 

Local Council Elections on the 28th April.

... Who to vote for Mayor of the Sunshine Coast Council?


Hopefully we will be spared from all the visual pollution the candidates are littering the streets with as Cr. Green's returns as Councillor of this division uncontested.

It is possible when the boundaries commission are completed (not as exciting as Tolkien's imagination unfortunately) and a referendum is held, that we may all be back at the polling booths to vote for another Mayor for the New Noosa Shire.

Till then...it will be one of the eight candidates.

Here is a link to an interview with Bob Abbott last Nov in the Hinterland Times about his views on the next mayor.

The Organisation Sunshine Coast Association of Residents(OSCAR) have organised a forum for Mayoral candidates next Wednesday night in Kawana. 

I am trying to find out if they are broad/pod casting it.

OSCAR are encouraging residents to submit their questions to the Daily at editorial@scnews.com.au by the 10th April. 


Here is a link to info about Enrolment & Postal Votes. 



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