The Five Villages

Monterosso al Mare/ Vernazza/ Corniglia/ Manarola/ Riomaggiore

On the Italian coastline the Cinque Terre has become a marvellous tourist destination made up of five villages. 

'National park status has spared the area from a propagation of T-shirt shops and tacky souvenir stands, and saved it from environmental destruction. Cars and motorbikes are not allowed in the villages, which are connected by train. 

The creation of the national park has also protected the Cinque Terre’s villagers’ well-being, providing them with a free shopping service for the elderly. A co-op has been set up for farmers to profitably grow basil, garlic and pine nuts to produce local pesto. You can taste it in village restaurants, along with the area’s white wines, freshly caught fish and sweet local lemons.'


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Perhaps this is the way to nurture our region.


Peregian Beach/ Sunrise Beach/  Sunshine Beach/ Noosa Junction/
Noosa Heads.



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    Vicki (Tuesday, 20 March 2012 20:19)

    I've been there ! It's a special place . Then again.. so is's possible :)