Storm Runaways

Here is a sound bite of yesterday's storm that you can play to familiarise your dog with thunder so they hopefully desensitized.
Afternoon storm in Peregian
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Five scared lost dogs were brought to Coolum/Peregian Vet Surgery yesterday avo by caring people who found them wandering the streets trying to escape the scary storm.

All of them had Microchips but none of them had current contact information on the data base. 

The data base can be updated with the help of your local vet.


The Noosa RSPCA had 75 calls about lost dogs.

To take the pressure off them, Council switchboard, and the Vets, you may wish to consider a collar or tag with you phone number on it.

It saves having to pay to get your dog out of the Pound!

The Peregian Beach Vet on the south side of the village square sells embroided collars and customised tags.



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