Tapping into Community Resources

Council has reinstated mains water taps in the Village Square recently but they are for restricted use. If we want free, convenient & perhaps fun use of water in our public space we will need to become self sufficient and capture some of that beautiful rain from our skies.

Great news is local architect Dan Sparks has responded to the community need for irrigation in the town square and nominated a dedicated 23,000 litre rainwater tank for Peregian Square in the design of the proposed four squares supermarket redevelopment.

Right now the community has the opportunity to identify this as a valuable contribution to the village while the application is being reviewed by the Council Planning Department. 


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    Mukti Grace (Friday, 10 February 2012 17:23)

    What a brilliant way of creating an integrated development one that supports a wider vision that just the sphere of self interest. The square has never looked so good with the loving attention it has been lately receiving.

    it is a unique and wonderful part of Peregian and needs all the help and notice it can get. I love seeing the gathering of picnic groups spread over the green lush lawns and reminds me how lucky we are to actually have a town square!!