the future of our recreational space

Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club owns the large Peregian Beach Bowling club but wants to sell it. 

The real agent is Commerical agent CBRE.


They have not gone to the open market with the property as they had a specific use customer make an offer which has been presented to Pine Rivers Bowls Club. The offer is subject to a MCU which will be a lengthy affair. The contracts terms have not yet been agreed to.


The Peregian Beach Sports & Recreation Club inc. own the content of the bowls club and want to start bowling on the green again.


A Local Builder, Barry is looking after the place while it lives in limbo. He has dismantled the timber bench seats around the green to make it easier to mow.


The property is zoned Recreation and Community Well Being.

It is understood the site is being considered for a Supermarket.

Cr.Russell Green indicated at the PBCA meeting in Victory Park earlier this month that Council will not support such a change of use.


It's sad to see the space not being utilized for community activity.

Has anyone got a spare $1.5million and a community vision?



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    Frank (Wednesday, 15 February 2012 04:06)

    Thank you for providing vital information and an opportunity for discussion about such a prominent site in Peregian. Future use of this site will help determine to a large extent the shape and tone of the Village.

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    In Peregian Beach (Wednesday, 15 February 2012 15:32)

    I encourage everyone in the community to express their ideas & vision for this prominent site.

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    Joanne (Wednesday, 10 July 2013 21:03)

    I thoroughly support the drive to keep this site as an open, recreational area which supports the unique, low-density, people/community/nature oriented essence of Peregian. It is vital that the council remains firm on the the zoning status. It would be great to know how community members could contribute effectively to keeping the integrity of the site. Thanks for your website.