Essence of the Peregian Beach Community

What is the essence of Peregian Beach?

The developer Tony Scanlon has licensed the phrase for marketing a commerical/residential development to replace the caravan park, but has he captured it? 


Many turned out for the PBCA meeting on Sunday morning in Victory Park to listen to the discussion with Cr. Russell Green about amendments to this development's planning application & what the Council's response was to a developer seeking Material Change of use for a 'Supermarket' on the Bowl Club site.

These are two seperate planning issue but they both would have a huge impact of Peregian Beach Village as we know it.

Many members of the PBCA aired their frustration with the planning process and how the Qld Planning & Environment Court has not included them in the mediation process for proposed variations to the conditions attached to the Caravan Park Development.

In essence, the proposed staging gives the go ahead for building the commerical tenancies on David Low Way and hostel accomodation with additional outdoor dining but without the 'luxury beach shack apartments' that the developement is marketed around.

No one wants any built development to fail, as it is such a waste of resources, but there is a great deal of concern that a restaurant on David Low Way will be replicating the problems the Peregian Beach Hotel site faces - main road & south easterly aspect.


If only an educational camping resort was viable for the site...imagine the place economy 60 -70 burnt out executive business people would bring to the village aswell as school groups learning about the wetland national park ecology at the gateway entrance to our Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

Perhaps even Glamping is an option!

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