Summertime in Peregian Beach

12 days till Christmas....

Things to do in Peregian Beach Village over Summer


1. Picnic on a blanket in the square

2. Catch a wave each morning before heading up for a coffee, juice and a chat in the village.

3. Buy a new book and spend a whole afternoon reading on a daybed or under a tree.

4. Organise a big table of food & drink with friends.

5. Purchase a party outfit from the Recycle Shop and donate it back the next day.

5. Enjoy a walk along the beach from Sunshine Beach or Coolum and catch the free bus back.

6. Support the local Community Veggie Garden & Surf Club and buy the family membership for Christmas or a New Year Gift.

7.Treat yourself with freshly made gelati and local seasonal fruit.

8.Buy something beautiful for the house to remember this holiday.

9.Pamper a love one with a week of yoga classes, a pedicure, or a voucher for some nuturing treatment.

10. Plant more trees and build less fences.

11. Walk down & support the Peregian Beach Surf Club Community Caroles on Christmas's all for a good c(l)ause.

12. Make the effort to keep this place unique.

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