Fairy Sprinklers

Following the trails of energy in the village, it seems there is still a real desire by the traders to have fairy lights in the trees around the square to brighten the place up.

A good counter-view was aired by the Secretary of the Peregian Beach Community Association - the green fairy who has watered the grass in the square for the last few years during the dry spells.

   Peregian is one of the places you can still

sit outside & see the stars in the sky

If only 'Fairy Sprinkler' were invented -Imagine Solar powered L.E.D.lights popping up in the lawn at night with a drip system in the cable -we may have united the community visions!

Constellations in the grass reminding us to look up


Solar powered fairy lights have been purchased from 'Bunnings' with some of the funds made in last years Fashion Fiesta held in the Square and organised by the local Lions club.

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    Carol Eager (Thursday, 16 August 2012 02:58)

    Would discreet paving/grass or even combined artificial (tennis court-hard wearing artificial grass) be better than the 'developed' dust bowl we get twice a year - dust enters our shops all the time, windy dust. Watering is temporary, muddy, patchy, dirty - not practical. can anyone demonstrate the effectiveness of watering? I doubt it.

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    Peter Fenton (Thursday, 16 August 2012)

    I agree Carol....no sun reaches the grass....no growth after a month - dead...looks awful, dusty. High maintenance...no maintenance!!