Lawn zumba

My trial attempt to dance air into the square this morning was faced with polar comments.

'Your wasting your time' said one lady on her morning walk

 'A bit too late I think' said a man in a rush.

Then there was a gem yelled from a guy at the ATM machine....

' You just need a zumba class all wearing those things!'


The idea is to soften the hard compacted ground in the well loved Village Square so the grass roots can expand and thrive.  Some will say it's 'pointless' but hey, at least the legs are going to get a good workout!

A big thanks to Peregian Beach Hardware Store for donating the Lawn Aerator Sandals. They double as a rake!

And thanks to Greenkeeper Rodney Short for offering his old aerator roller to do the job....and Robert from Baked Poetry for the early morning coffee.


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