It's been over a month without rain now in our sub tropical region.
Although the cloudband looms, it didn't rain last night, so I headed down to the square again and dragged out the hoses, sprinklers and the witches hats.
My yoga teacher Irena turned up at 5.30am all prepared with mats and blocks and gifted me a yoga class on the stage while the grass drank and the magpies & butcher bird showered.
Such a wonderful time of day to be in the and quiet with the smell of fresh bread making coming from Baked Poetry.

A Little Local History

Four years ago, during the Noosa Council work on the village square in Peregian Beach, all the taps were removed from the central lawn area as part of the newly introduced 'Water Restrictions'.  

The grass square is very popular with young kids, magpies, mothers groups and family gatherings.

We just need a budget of care to be intergrated within the local community.


our heart needs love & care

   our hearts need love & care

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